Hey, I have a little secret....

My home is my castle. My family is my joy, and my friends are my inspiration. 
A relaxed atmosphere, some friends over for interesting conversations, delicious food and refreshing drinks … That is when I enjoy every moment of a perfect day, here in my beautiful home. 
While it is getting cold outside, cozy warmth is silently spreading into the house through our invisible hydronic floor heating system. But it wasn't always like that. Only last year we needed to call the plumber twice. It was him, who suggested installing a SorbOx  
Today I understand that SorbOx keeps the water running through the pipes of my underfloor heating. I no longer worry about an embarrassing and uncomfortable interruption of my hydronic floor heating. SorbOx gives me peace of mind. 
My home is my castle, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, and thanks to SorbOx always comfortably warm.

Technical information

Comfortable, modern heating systems normally use water to store and distribute the warmth throughout your heating system. Water is a most efficient means of energy transportation and it is offered nearly for free by nature. But unfortunately water also contains aggressive minerals and gases that can cause damages to your heating. 
You don't want to know how many hydronic heating systems have collapsed because of stress-cracking and corrosion of the boiler and iron fittings. And with SorbOx – you don't have to know! 
SorbOx is a revolutionary yet simple and low maintenance water filter for any domestic hydronic heating system. It absorbs gases and minerals and separates dirt from water. 
Once installed, the integrated ion exchange cartridge immediately starts to demineralize the water passing through. 
In a few days, when minerals and limescale are completely removed from the water, the cartridge is now replaced by the SorbOx anodic protection system.
Air bubbles are separated and vented. Dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide are then chemically removed.
The pH value is regulated in order to eliminate carbonic acid.
Sludge and corrosion particles are held back by gravity and a strong magnet. 
Integrated stop valves allow easy access and cleaning of the stainless filter housing. Pure and clean water does not only prevent corrosion damages, it also improves the efficiency of your hydronic heating system. 
SorbOx is a result of over 40 years of research and development in water engineering. It combines major water treatment technologies in a unique way. SorbOx is designed to assist green technology in heating and keep it any hydronic heating system running for long.